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International Chrysalis Art and Music Education (INCAMEI)

Who is Denny Mitchell ?

Denny is a cat aficionado, having lived with cats all of his life. For the last fifteen years he has been a volunteer at Big Cat Rescue, one of the world’s largest accredited big cat sanctuaries which is located in Tampa, Florida, where he has been a tour guide for most of those years. As an “outreach ambassador” for Big Cat Rescue, he has led thousands of guests through this sanctuary, and has helped educate visitors about the nature of big cats and how so many have been abused, abandoned or neglected.

Aside from living with cats, Denny is a musician and holds a minor in music along with his degree in economics. Over the years, he has written lots of original music and has been a performer, both at the piano and as a singer. He has also been a church musician for over 30 years and often as a soloist.

Today, Denny is semi-retired, and has put together All About Cats, the focus being to educate, entertain, and engage the general public in learning about the world’s number one pet (over 600 million families live with one or more cats). His show has been performed at many different venues, from civic centers, senior living facilities, summer camps for kids to private parties, which have often resulted with cats from shelters being adopted.

All proceeds generated from these performances are shared with the various nonprofit animal rescues in the Tampa Bay area or where ever the performance is held.

Cliff Sullivan

Largo, FL

• Chapter: Pinellas County

• Languages: English

SCORE Mentor

How I can help you

A1,Business Mentor, Start up, Organize, Grow, Marketing,Sales, Accounting, Finance.Owned and Operated several business ventures, a Petroleum Distributorship, which included Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Contracting, Residential and Commercial for over 35 years. Formerly Licensed Master Plumber and Master Electrician.Licensed, New Hampshire Broker Real Estate, Insurance Property,Casualty/Life Accident, Health, Securities. Internal Revenue Service (Retired), Real Estate Developer,Investor, Chairman Planning,Land Use Board 8 years. SCORE Business In person, and Email Mentor. Clear water, Florida. SCORE Business Workshop Presenter: How to really start your own business. How to Grow Your Business, How to Make Your Business Thrive, Not Just Survive, Estimating and Bidding. Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Business Plan,

Employee vs Independent Contractor.

Joe Colaianni

Owner of AFFCO Deli Provisions, Local Purveyor of the Boar's Head Brand serving the St Peters burg area for the last 16 years.

Affco Deli Provisions was founded in 2003.

Contact Information

Affco Deli Provisions

2577 25th Ave N

Saint Petersburg, FL 33713

Sydne Spinella

Sydne Spinella, Program Manager

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference..” – Jane Goodall

Keep Pinellas Beautiful, Inc.

5090 66th Street North

St. Petersburg, FL 33709

O: 727-533-0402 F: 727-533-0502


Call 727- 249-2392

[email protected]


Band Members




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Christian Songwriters Bill and Kathleen Connolly share their ministry of music and love for the Lord. Listen carefully and experience their joy and healing

Bill came down from New Hampshire to help a friend, who needed help driving down to help his father who was very sick !

One day I noticed a Thrift store around... See More

Booking Agent

William Connolly



Angelique Londos an artist passionate about what she does and willing to create custom cartoon characters personalized for you. Feel free to contact her at [email protected] to request a price range and character of interest.


Our founder, Yosef Sigaud, is an immigrant from Brazil. At 17 years old, he got a scholarship to study at one of the most renown engineering universities in the US, Purdue University, with a scholarship to play tennis for the varsity team of the campus in Fort Wayne, IN. After graduating from college, Yosef not only went to pursue his MBA, and other post grad certifications, but he also went into living his “American dream” of making good money, working at high positions for top financial and education organizations in the US, like Merrill Lynch and Club Med Academies. After several years in these industries, Yosef went through a major depression that almost took his life away. It was then that he decided to stop everything, quit his job (which he was about to become part owner) and search for a deeper meaning in his life.

After a long search and inner work, Yosef found a non-profit organization, called the Kabbalah Centre, that he decided to serve for almost an entire year as a volunteer. It was then, that Yosef’s life changed forever, and he not only was able to experience great joy and fulfillment through the power of giving back and sharing with others, but he was also able to find his true purpose in life and unveil how he wanted to add value to the world (which was making sure that more and more people around the world understood the true value of giving/sharing and how when you give/share the benefits go, not only to the receiver, but mainly to the giver).

Being super passionate for innovation and business, Yosef went into another journey, this time of almost 3 years, trying to figure out what was the best way for more people in the world to feel and experience what he had learned during the time he spent only volunteering. The result of this long journey was the birth of ShareNest, a marketplace that connects people and organizations to promote more social impact and soft skill development.

ShareNest is now moving fast to become the next go-to-app for volunteering, training and social impact in the world.

Yosef Sigaud

Founder & CEO


(786) 660-4709

[email protected] 

Len & Fiona Fry

Fiona and Len have built a platinum level ASEA business in Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania as well as globally. Fiona is originally from Scotland and Len has traveled extensively with the US Navy. Together they spread the word about the health benefits of ASEA as well as the business opportunity.

“What we saw was a very unique product that had the potential to help millions. We saw business leaders that were, in fact, true business leaders, with a more business-focused expertise and approach than anything we had ever seen in network mlm marketing.” – Len Fry