The budget will be evaluated at different intervals in the grant period to verify our commitment to our stated goals and objectives. Also, external auditors and inspectors will have the right of way when the grant-offering organization wishes to inspect the project’s performance. That way, there will be transparency in the analysis of how this organization is faring per time.


In realizing our vision for successful project execution, the annual budgetary requirements are below:

1 National Mindful Arts Scholarship program $150,000
2 Impact Academy Entrepreneurial Scholarship program $150,000
3 Scholarships for advisors on workforce directions and courses $150,000
4 Cultural Wellness- 7 dimensions $150,000
TOTAL $600,000

From the financial information provided, the sum of $600,000 will be adequate grant funding to achieve our goals and objectives for the target population. With the offer, the human and material resources required for the project’s success will be available. That way, our plans for advancing the social lifestyle change through education and social services will be achieved.

Project Sustainability and Dissemination

The sustainability of the project beyond the timeframe, which the grants will cover, will come in different ways. One of such is through leveraging on the funds realized. Our humanitarian and social services will win us, partners and donors, through our impact within a short time. Hence, we hope to use that as an opportunity to contribute significantly to the organization in the best way we can. Alternatively, grants available during subsequent years will also be instrumental if there is a need to seek external funding for other aspects of the projects in the years to come. That way, the sustainability of the project and its operations will come easy for us.

In disseminating the idea, we will use social media sites since we are in an information age, and virtually everyone has access to the internet. By running sponsored ads and utilizing other digital marketing approaches, we will reach a vastly broad audience of prospective partners with the click of our devices. It is such a profound realization for us as we need to make many connections with as many prospective beneficiaries as possible. That way, the organization will achieve its described purposes in time with many participants across the region. In the end, more people will get impacted across the community as a reward for our dedication to qualitative mentorship and education service. Other means such as community outreach efforts and partnerships could be exploited as the project goes on.

Target Population

The target population of International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc. (INCAMEI) is the Youth, families, and military in Florida. Also, we target local, national, and international scholarships.

From the description above, it is clear that International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc. (INCAMEI) is all about bringing benefits to people through its education services and mentorship program.

Organization Goals and Objectives

The organization has the following goals and objectives:

  • To increase knowledge through educating and mentoring with compassionate services.
  • To promote innovative thinking and practical education.
  • To employ creativity and real-world scenarios to motivate future generations to comprehend the integrity of health and wellness in their daily lives, in harmony with nature.
  • To foster the creative development of our young people and the generations to come through the use of digital art, music production, and stage performances that blend cultures.
  • To influence today’s cultures and help our future generations.
  • To create opportunities for growth and development for the people.
  • To stand up to social responsibility.
  • To ensure beneficiary satisfaction.

Project Duration

The project is aimed and projected to continue for years to come, as we plan to continue making impacts globally. We understand that our organization’s decisions and the methods by which we engage our key stakeholders affect not only our organization, but also in a profound way, the communities, and environment that support our lives and foundation. With this firm knowledge and a determination to ensure that our efforts to meet the needs of the present do not deprive future generations of their ability to meet their own needs, our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy demands that we responsibly run our organization while simultaneously ensuring long-term sustainability.

We believe that the communities in which we operate should benefit from our presence. We will operate an inclusive strategy and therefore give back to the underserved, plus provide life-changing services that are not superficial but rather positive and smile-harvesting to every individual. We will also encourage our employees to volunteer for community activities that align with our CSR pillars.


International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc. (INCAMEI)’s vision is to support. In achieving this, our vision is:

“To create, mentor, and safeguard our global legacy through practical education.”

The vision statement above shows that International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc. (INCAMEI) aims to help the people in the community and make this program continue on a long-term basis. That will enable the beneficiary and community to enjoy a good lifestyle by meeting their fundamental needs. As time goes on, International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc. (INCAMEI)will extend its projects to more communities.


At International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc. (INCAMEI), our mission is:

“To enhance their creative abilities through theatrical performances, music studios, and digital art that blends cultures.”

The mission statement above reflects the plans of the foundation to serve the targeted population, by giving them a better chance to live quality and healthy lives.

Information About Us

The International Chrysalis Art and Music Education, INC (INCAMEI) is seeking funding for a groundbreaking social experiment aimed at exploring the potential of sustainable cloud technology in promoting global interactivity and reducing carbon emissions in the field of art and music. This project proposes to invite up to 15,000 participants from around the world to a live hybrid event, leveraging a sustainable cloud technology platform to facilitate hyper-immersive interactivity and create a valuable artifact.

Traditional events and collaborations in the art and music domain often face limitations due to geographic constraints, resulting in a significant carbon footprint associated with travel and infrastructure. By utilizing a sustainable cloud technology platform, we aim to overcome these limitations and showcase a novel approach to interactivity between human beings, regardless of their physical locations.

Through this social experiment, INCAMEI seeks to raise awareness about the potential of sustainable cloud technology in the creative sector and inspire future initiatives that prioritize environmental sustainability. By demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of such an approach, we aim to contribute to a paradigm shift in the way art and music events are organized, making them more inclusive, accessible, and environmentally friendly.

We kindly request funding to support the logistical and technological aspects of this project, including the development and implementation of the sustainable cloud technology platform, participant outreach and engagement, data analysis, and the documentation of the social experiment. The successful execution of this project will pave the way for a new era of sustainable global collaborations in the art and music industry, ensuring a brighter and greener future for creative endeavors worldwide.

We are applying for grants for not only this project, but other educational projects.