Mahendra Penumathsa

Board member and helps INCAMEI with all its digital initiatives.

Unytalk Live has been nominated in the product category for the NABshow Excellence in Sustainability Award 2023.

This is pursuant to our submission of why we are a unique solution to help studios manage and produce hybrid events from large-scale live and remote video streams, impacting both the environment with its cloud-powered technologies and, more importantly, the society by enabling large and remote populations to be part of extraordinary events with well directed and live engagements.
I am representing team Unytalk at the awards show on the 16th of April to cheer for Unytalk and fellow nominees and to spread the word about Unytalk live in the broadcasting industry on the 17th of April at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Please help spread the word and cheer for Unytalk at the upcoming awards ceremony. I would be grateful for any suggestions to meet and network.

A moment like this would not have been possible without our collective, and I sincerely thank you all for being part of the Unytalk journey.

Mahendra has over 25 years of expertise in leveraging the internet for the common good.  He was instrumental in designing the Big Idea project that helped collect ideas to improve primary education from primary school teachers all over the United States.
Mahendra’s interview on culture of India.

Mohammad Marie

Middle East Executive Manager of INCAMEI

Faculty of Arts
20 years of Sales experience.
10 years of education sales solutions.
10 years of volunteer experience.
Supporting education and development ideas of the future to be better.
Middle East representative of Sales and executive manager for kazokulunettes optical brand.

Indian Alan Hoover

Chief Development Officer (CDO INCAMEI)

Indianalan was born in Grand Rapids Michigan in an elevator. May 1958.

  • Indian Alan received many names. And titles.
  • Shadow Dancer
  • Wind Eagle
  • Indianalan
  • Wing Walker

He also studied the mystical arts of becoming a Medicine man same like his grandfather.  He is a pipe carrier for 2 tribes and 2 nations. 

Known as a:

  • Medicine Man
  • Shaman
  • Reiki Master
  • Kabbalah practitioner
  • Life Coach
  • Counselor

His journey is not stopping as he continues to make his cut in his wheel

[email protected]
Indianalan Hoover

Loren Avedon

Board Advisor

Inducted into the “Ultimate Warriors Hall of Fame” on July 30, 2021.

Loren Avedon is a martial arts film actor who made his features in several notorious television series, including Baywatch.

In addition to that, the New York native possesses 28 years of experience and is a black belt in Hapkido.

Larry Stoney Stone

Vice President

Larry trains in personal and professional development, Security Specialist training with tactical weapons and firearm training. He’s also sought out as an Executive Protection Consultant for Executive transport, risk analysis, strategic insight, Conflict Resolution, and asset acquisition.

Joan Sittingbull

President & CEO

The founder behind the vision for INCAMEI.

Ms. Joan SITTINGBULL believes in the education of our youth to be the balance of life, nature, families, and freedom.

All variables are essential to the success of future generations in the centuries to come.

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