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International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc.(INCAMEI)

Betsy and Anna

 My name is Betsy Metz and my daughter’s name is Anna. We raise and release butterflies, mainly Monarchs. The adventure started last year when a small business and a library in Mount Dora, were doing a butterfly release, which we learned about from a Face Book post. Both of us love butterflies and became excited to have the opportunity to learn more about the butterfly release. 

A few weeks after planting the milkweed we had our first caterpillar. (Videos available) We watched the different stages hoping to see the transformation to a butterfly. There are five instar stages to the process. Within a first few days of watching, the caterpillar disappeared. We were not sure what happened. Did the caterpillar leave or worse, eaten? 

We kept going with the project and the milkweed grew back. Within a few weeks we had two more caterpillars. Anna wanted them to be safe and watch them become butterflies. With her dad’s help we brought the caterpillars to a space we made on our back porch. After a couple of weeks, wewere releasing a couple, as Monarch butterflies. 

We planted more milkweeds and released seven Monarch butterflies, last year alone. Including all of this year and last, we, released 29 Monarch butterflies. 

A video was made of a Monarch coming out of the chrysalis; grow the wings from the extra fluid from the insect’s thorax or abdomen.

We release the Monarch’s, when the wings are dry, which takes a couple of hours, after they emerge from the chrysalis.

Butterflies are an amazing insect, which our amazing Father in Heaven created.

An art/science project that could be fun for kids online.. very easy and it is a butterfly.