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The International Chrysalis Art and Music Education, INC (INCAMEI) is seeking funding for a groundbreaking social experiment aimed at exploring the potential of sustainable cloud technology in promoting global interactivity and reducing carbon emissions in the field of art and music. This project proposes to invite up to 15,000 participants from around the world to a live hybrid event, leveraging a sustainable cloud technology platform to facilitate hyper-immersive interactivity and create a valuable artifact.

Traditional events and collaborations in the art and music domain often face limitations due to geographic constraints, resulting in a significant carbon footprint associated with travel and infrastructure. By utilizing a sustainable cloud technology platform, we aim to overcome these limitations and showcase a novel approach to interactivity between human beings, regardless of their physical locations.

Through this social experiment, INCAMEI seeks to raise awareness about the potential of sustainable cloud technology in the creative sector and inspire future initiatives that prioritize environmental sustainability. By demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of such an approach, we aim to contribute to a paradigm shift in the way art and music events are organized, making them more inclusive, accessible, and environmentally friendly.

We kindly request funding to support the logistical and technological aspects of this project, including the development and implementation of the sustainable cloud technology platform, participant outreach and engagement, data analysis, and the documentation of the social experiment. The successful execution of this project will pave the way for a new era of sustainable global collaborations in the art and music industry, ensuring a brighter and greener future for creative endeavors worldwide.

We are applying for grants for not only this project, but other educational projects.

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We invite you to join us for a special fundraising event that combines two wonderful things: golf and community. As we come together to raise funds for our beloved veterans, we also celebrate the spirit of camaraderie that binds us all.

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