Project Sustainability and Dissemination

The sustainability of the project beyond the timeframe, which the grants will cover, will come in different ways. One of such is through leveraging on the funds realized. Our humanitarian and social services will win us, partners and donors, through our impact within a short time. Hence, we hope to use that as an opportunity to contribute significantly to the organization in the best way we can. Alternatively, grants available during subsequent years will also be instrumental if there is a need to seek external funding for other aspects of the projects in the years to come. That way, the sustainability of the project and its operations will come easy for us.

In disseminating the idea, we will use social media sites since we are in an information age, and virtually everyone has access to the internet. By running sponsored ads and utilizing other digital marketing approaches, we will reach a vastly broad audience of prospective partners with the click of our devices. It is such a profound realization for us as we need to make many connections with as many prospective beneficiaries as possible. That way, the organization will achieve its described purposes in time with many participants across the region. In the end, more people will get impacted across the community as a reward for our dedication to qualitative mentorship and education service. Other means such as community outreach efforts and partnerships could be exploited as the project goes on.

Sponsor a Veteran to Play for FREE

We invite you to join us for a special fundraising event that combines two wonderful things: golf and community. As we come together to raise funds for our beloved veterans, we also celebrate the spirit of camaraderie that binds us all.

Play for a Purpose:

Your participation directly supports veterans in need. Let’s swing those clubs with purpose!
Connect and Bond: Golf isn’t just about the game; it’s about forging connections.

Share stories, laughter, and memories with fellow golfers.


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