Target Population

The target population of International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc. (INCAMEI) is the Youth, families, and military in Florida. Also, we target local, national, and international scholarships.

From the description above, it is clear that International Chrysalis Art & Music Education, Inc. (INCAMEI) is all about bringing benefits to people through its education services and mentorship program.

Organization Goals and Objectives

The organization has the following goals and objectives:

  • To increase knowledge through educating and mentoring with compassionate services.
  • To promote innovative thinking and practical education.
  • To employ creativity and real-world scenarios to motivate future generations to comprehend the integrity of health and wellness in their daily lives, in harmony with nature.
  • To foster the creative development of our young people and the generations to come through the use of digital art, music production, and stage performances that blend cultures.
  • To influence today’s cultures and help our future generations.
  • To create opportunities for growth and development for the people.
  • To stand up to social responsibility.
  • To ensure beneficiary satisfaction.

Project Duration

The project is aimed and projected to continue for years to come, as we plan to continue making impacts globally. We understand that our organization’s decisions and the methods by which we engage our key stakeholders affect not only our organization, but also in a profound way, the communities, and environment that support our lives and foundation. With this firm knowledge and a determination to ensure that our efforts to meet the needs of the present do not deprive future generations of their ability to meet their own needs, our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy demands that we responsibly run our organization while simultaneously ensuring long-term sustainability.

We believe that the communities in which we operate should benefit from our presence. We will operate an inclusive strategy and therefore give back to the underserved, plus provide life-changing services that are not superficial but rather positive and smile-harvesting to every individual. We will also encourage our employees to volunteer for community activities that align with our CSR pillars.

Sponsor a Veteran to Play for FREE

We invite you to join us for a special fundraising event that combines two wonderful things: golf and community. As we come together to raise funds for our beloved veterans, we also celebrate the spirit of camaraderie that binds us all.

Play for a Purpose:

Your participation directly supports veterans in need. Let’s swing those clubs with purpose!
Connect and Bond: Golf isn’t just about the game; it’s about forging connections.

Share stories, laughter, and memories with fellow golfers.


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